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Wildlife Photography by Mayank Aggarwal

Buffalo Horn Jewelry

About our Horn Jewelry

Socially conscious, casual luxury that combines a bit of edginess with a bit of boho chic! This is the essence of our Horn Collection!

We think of this collection as the embodiment of slow fashion. Artisan made pieces built upon sustainable, eco-friendly practices; Timeless, quality, wardrobe staples that can be worn time and time again, across all seasons and many occasions.

         Sustainability and Ethics in Design


The Horns used in my designs are ethically harvested from the domestic Asian Water Buffalo. At least 130 million domestic water buffalo exist, and more people depend on them than on any other domestic animal. The animals spend their lives working in agricultural fields in the remote parts or South Asia and are a prized resource for villagers who depend on agriculture to survive. When they die, nothing goes to waste! Everything from the meat and hides, to the bones and horns are used for something. Thus, the sale of the horns provide an income for a great many people.

As a designer and as a producer, I believe I have a duty to the next generation, to do my part in contributing to sustainable living. It brings me great pleasure to create with this material.

sustainability and ethics in the making of horn jewelry
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